2012 Crush 2012 Crush Begins

First 2012 grape varietals arrive at O S winery. Owen analysizes the quality and begins the winemaking process

2012 Crush Continues 2012 Crush Continues

Rob takes us through the grape crushing process.                                                     

2012 Crush Ends 2012 Crush Concludes

Owen completes the 2012 crush, begins fermentation and invites O S devotees to crush with their feet.


2011 Riesling 2011 Riesling

Owen tastes and describes the unique style of O S Rieslings.

2010 Cab Franc 2010 Cabernet Franc

Winemaker Owen explains how Cabernet Franc is a growing Washington State grape variety and describes the 2010 O S Cab Franc.

2008 Red 2008 Red

Why is the low price O S Red of such high quality? Owen tells us.                                          


2012 Crush Ends Northwest Vine Time Interview

Northwest Vine Time radio interview with O S Winemaker, Owen                                          


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